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AFAO Top Tips For Living Well witth HIV
Of the many challenges faced by people living with HIV, one of the most difficult is keeping up to date with important information about the day-to-day management and treatment of HIV. Staying current with information can sometimes seem overwhelming.

The tips on this website have been collected from a range of people, including HIV-positive people, HIV educators, HIV treatments experts, and HIV clinicians, and have been identified as among the most important things people with HIV need to know about managing their health and well-being.

The list is not in order of importance and of course, is not exhaustive. It has been put together as a guide and a trigger for you to find out more information, if you think it’s appropriate.

The Contacts page of this website has the contact details of your local AIDS councils and People Living With HIV (PLHIV) organisations, as well as other organisations that can provide you with more information about each of the tips.

Also available is the booklet 'Top Tips For Living Well with HIV: A Plain English Guide'. This booklet has been written in Plain English for people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Backgrounds, people of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin, or people with low literacy skills. Contact your local AIDS council or PLHIV organisation for a hard copy or download here.

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